Idea of the Year Competition 2018 - Open!


For over thirty years, ideasUK has honored the best ideas from the public and private sectors, both home and abroad. Over that time, through our Idea of the Year competition, we have shown time after time how innovation in the workplace can bring wide benefits to employees, customers and organisations.

The Idea of the Year competition provides a great opportunity to recognise the employees who submitted those incredible ideas; raise the profile of the scheme to senior management through external recognition and gives international exposure of your success.

To learn more about the different categories for submission, read the latest competition blog and ask any questions related to the competition, please register on our dedicated competition website using the following link:


Key Dates
  • 19th Feb 2018: Entry form opens for submissions
  • 20th Jul 2018: Submission form closes
  • 5th Aug 2018: Shortlisted entries will be notified 
  • 7/8th Nov 2018: Finalists interviews with judging panel
  • 8th Nov 2018: Winners announced during awards dinner

    The Basic Rules
  • Entries must be submitted by the closing date of FRIDAY 20th JULY
  • Entries are to be submitted on-line, through the dedicated website. through the dedicated website:
  • The receipt of ideas will be acknowledged 
  • The maximum number of ideas any company can enter into the competition is 10
  • The submission form is split into a series of questions. There is a character limit per answer. Whilst attachments are allowed, they may only contain pictures / photographs or diagrams, which may be annotated. Any attachments with additional write-ups will not be included as part of the judging process

    Submitters Undertaking

    The process of uploading an idea is the submitting organisation’s agreement to the conditions of the competition and confirmation that:


  • The idea has been implemented and delivered benefit, tangible or intangible, to the organisation after 1 June 2017 and not been entered into the competition previously.
  • The submitter themselves (or at least one of the team), will be available to attend the full two days of the ideasUK Conference (7th & 8th Nov), during which a face to face judging session will take place, plus attend the Awards Dinner on Thursday evening.  NB: ideasUK will withdraw the idea from the competition in the absence of the actual submitter.
  • The organisation will provide one PowerPoint slide, to given specifications as an overview of the idea to be displayed on screens during the conference and utilized on the ideasUK website if the entry wins.

    ideasUK Undertaking

    On receiving a completed idea nomination, ideasUK will undertake to:

  • Arrange an initial judging of all ideas by an independent panel of Judges, who will review and shortlist the ideas, choosing just THREE finalists per category.
  • Notify submitting organisations of the ideas shortlisted for the final by 5th August 2018.
  • Provide a ‘Special Rate’ for finalists to attend the conference (7th & 8th Nov 18)
  • Provide large screens to display the Idea of the Year 'Posters'.
  • Provide a face to face meeting of approx. 15 minutes for each finalists with the independent judging panel during conference.
  • After the face to face judging, select winners in each category and the overall Idea of the Year winner will be chosen from the category winners.
  • Provide two trophies for each award, one for the submitter and one to be retained by their organisation.
  • Announce the winners and present all trophies at the Awards Dinner, on Thursday 8th November 2018
  • Recognise all finalists during the award ceremony

    Submission Advice
  • The presentation of ideas is of crucial importance. Clear, simple and well-presented submissions assist the judges to assess the quality of ideas.
  • Whilst it may be interesting to understand the country or organisation background, please focus all content purely on the idea itself, in both the written submission and face to face judging.
  • A good idea, poorly presented, may be difficult to judge. Ideas must be clearly set out, in the required format, with evidence of the benefits to the organisation.
  • Technical terminology, abbreviations and acronyms should be avoided. 

    NB: The judges' decision is final and no correspondence regarding outcome will be entered into



    Idea of the Year 2018 Categories



    Describes many different approaches toward improving our way of life, which could be (but is not limited to) reducing harm to the environment, renewing resources at an equal or greater rate to which they are consumed or living in harmony with nature


    Health and Safety:

    Contributions towards the improvement of health and safety for employees and/or the safety of the working environment and culture


    Customer Focus:
    Keeping internal and/or external customer(s) in mind at all times. Striving to proactively address customer concerns and needs and provide consistent high levels of customer satisfaction


    Value for Money:

    The optimal use of resources to achieve the intended outcome, taking into account size of the organisation, the effective use of resources, cost savings and income generated


    Continuous Improvement:
    Often called a continuous improvement process, it is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes to increase the effectiveness and/or efficiency of an organisation



    Defined as something original and more effective and, as a consequence, new, that "breaks into" the market or society - completely novel thinking and application


    Corporate Social Responsibility:

    Sustainable business approaches that benefit the wider society and environment


    Digital & Technology:

    Ideas that make an improvement by using a novel manufacturing, engineering, construction or technical solution or by designing new software or computer application


    People & Organisation (New Category):

    Internally focussed ideas which improve the culture of an organisation leading to a highly engaged workforce


    In addition to the categories one idea will be chosen and awarded 'The Judges Special Award' to recognise the passion and dedication of an individual to develop their idea.


    NB: More details on each category, combined with an opportunity to ask questions can be found by accessing the dedicated ideasUK Idea of the Year site