Winners take to the stage.

Here we feature a round-up of our Idea of the Year Competition winners from 2016 at Hensol Castle, South Wales, showing what hard work, dedication and a well thought out idea can achieve.



Idea of the Year Winners


Summary of the Category Winners 2016


Idea of the Year Trophy

The idea considered to be the best of all shortlisted entries

Presented by Andy Beddows Chairman of ideasUK



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Judges Special Achievement Trophy

is a special Award from the Judges for an outstanding idea
not covered by other categories


Presented by Andy Beddows Chairman of ideasUK




Continuous Improvement Trophy


Awarded in the recognition of idea which raise the general awareness and importance of continuous improvement within the organisation and improve the way in which work is planned and implemented.



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Customer Focus Trophy


Awarded in recognition of the idea that demonstrated the greatest positive impact to the customer or an idea which has been developed that puts the customer first.

Mohammed Al Khanjari


Presented by Michael Davis, HSBC


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Computer Software Trophy
Awarded to the best new software development or application idea.

Presented by Gavin Stark,Keto Software


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Innovation Trophy


Awarded in recognition of the idea that demonstrates the best in original thinking to achieve improvement. As well as truly innovate ideas this can include the application of exsisting ideas or procedures in an entirely new context.

 Abdalla Mousa I. ALBLooshi




Presented by Anthony Denatale - Dubai Airport Freezone


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Process Improvement Trophy


Awarded to the best idea designed to improve a process or the way in which work is planned and implemented


Presented by Alan Firmin, Fastlane Displays


Sponsored by
ideasUK Fastlane Displays logo
Health & Safety Trophy


Awarded in recognition of the idea that demonstrated the greatest contribution to the improvement in health and safety of products, services or the workplace





Presented by Jayne Garner, Continuous Improvement Coordinator


Sponsored by


ideasUK Ricoh logo


Value for Money Trophy


Awarded in recognition of the idea that demonstrated the greatest, value for money taking into account size of the organisation, the cost savings and income generated.

Presented by Husain Fardan, Dubai Customs


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Sustainability Trophy


Awarded in recognition of the idea that demonstrated the greatest contribution to the conservation of natural resources, protecting the natural environment or sustainable project.

Presented by Anders Timms, Capenhurst Nuclear Services


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Corporate Social Responsibility Trophy


Ideas submitted by employees that benefit the community outside of the business.

Presented by Gareth Bevan, Vale Resort


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Technology Trophy


Ideas that make an improvement by using a novel manufacturing, engineering, construction or technical solution.


Presented by Steve Healey, BT



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ideasUK Executive Leadership Award



To recognise the importance of support from the top of your organisation.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of an idea scheme/involvement programme within an organisation; the engagement of employees; having a scheme that is well resourced; reward & recognition, all of which are positively influenced through the support of an enthusiastic sponsor.



Presented by Tammy Holmes, University Hospitals North Midlands and Commercial Manager Lucy Chatwin, WMAHSN Business Manager




Accreditations 2016


2016 Accreditation Awards Level
Ricoh UK Products

Platinum 8 Star

BT Platinum 6 Star
Dubai Customs Platinum 6 Star
Home Office Platinum 5 Star
Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi Platinum 3 Star
Abu Dhabi Ministry of Interior Platinum 3 Star
Department Public Prosecution Platinum
Dubai Airport Freezone Platinum
Abu Dhabi Ports Gold
Ministry of Health & Prevention Gold
Department for Economic Development Gold
Telecommunication Agency Silver
Saudi Electric Company Silver
West Midlands Acedemic Health Science Network



Checkout all the accredited organisations from previous years in our  Roll of Honour and Archive.

Winners Overview 2016


Trophy Winner
Hussain Al Fardan
Mohammed Al Khanjari
Abdullah Hussein
Khalid Al Zarrooni
Dubai Customs
Edward Gibson
Adrian Watts

Mohammed Al Khanjari
Dubai Customs

Mohammed Saeed AL Shehhi
Maithi Al
Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD)

Abdalla Mousa I. ALBLooshi
Ministry of Health & Prevention

Jawad M. Al-Mohsien
Saudi Electric Company
Mohamed Abdulsattar
Mohamed Hemida
Ministry of Health & Prevention
Nasser Mohd Hussain Bin Lootah
Mahmoud H R Baniabbasi
Khalid Thani Obaid T Al Mehairi
Bipul Kumar Singh
Joseph Kunju Antony Kondayil
Maheshkumar Muljibhai Patel
Abdirahman Mohamed Nur
Dubai Zuhai Al Zaffar
Bassel Ibrahim Saed
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
Mr Hashim Mohammed Al Awadhi
Mr Mohammed Yousif Al Hammadi
Dubai Municipality
Abdulrahman Shahin Sanaa Al Muntasir
Dubai Airport Freezone