ideasUK Accreditation


The ideasUK Accreditation programme is the way for organisations to give both internal and external prominence to their employee innovation.


Each year those organisations that apply have their employee innovation programmes subjected to an external assessment by ideasUK.


An end to end review of the programme on key areas is carried out and with guidance is given on where to focus improvement efforts.


Based on the levels achieved organisations will be awarded a Silver, Gold or Platinum Certification.
Previous winners of Platinum Certification will be awarded a supplementary number to signify the 'consecutive' years that they have maintained this level of excellence.




  • January - Any amendments to the assessment schedule published.
  • February/July - Applications received.
  • July/October - Audit carried out.
  • November - Certificates awarded at Conference.



    Any Organisation can avail themselves of our Ideas Management Health Check at any point. Although not as in-depth as the full accreditation this gives you a health check on how the programme is performing with some high level advice on how to improve. (see Services/Prices)


    Members receive access to the ideasUK Tool Box self-assessment programme guide and Accreditation Assessment Schedule and ideasUK Accreditation Assessment Schedule.


    All applicants will receive the ideasUK Accreditation Assessment Schedule.


    The audit will cover the following areas: 


  • Finance and Regulation.
  • Programme rules and process.
  • Organisation.
  • Communication and Publicity.
  • Rewards and Recognition.
  • Performance.
  • Management Information.
  • Continuous Improvement and Development.
  • Training.

    The audit is carried out using a standard questionnaire and interviews to the main roles in the programme like Management, Program Administrator, Evaluators, Suggesters and others involved in the organisation.


    Together with the evaluation results you will receive a report with a clear indication of what the programme's strong points and opportunities for improvement are in such a way that they can be implemented during the year before the next accreditation visit. During that next visit all the points will be reviewed and a new level will be given to the organisation.


    A typical assessment programme for the day would be along the following lines:


  • 30 minutes - Welcome and introduction.
  • 30 minutes - Management review (interview with the top management of the organisation to understand the support given to the programme).
  • 3 hours - Programme financials, process, evaluation and recognition.
  • 30 minutes - Comments from the auditor and next steps.